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Cryo pump and CTI cryo pumps are purchased, sold and rebuilt by Applied Cryogenics, Inc. Give us a call for the style or configuration you need.


                                            CTI 8 Cryopump         CTI 8F Cryopump         CTI On-Board 10

Cryo-Torr Cryopump Model 8 >8F >10
Pumping Speeds - liters/sec.
Water Vapor 4,000 4,000 9,000
Air 1,500 1,500 3,000
Hydrogen 2,500 2,200 5,000
Argon 1,200 1,200 2,500
Capacity - std. liter
Argon 1,000 1,000 2,000
Hydrogen (5x10-6 Torr) 12 8 24


The refrigerator operates on the Gifford-McMahon cycle that utilizes high-pressure helium from the compressor and expands it in two stages to produce cryogenic temperatures at the pump arrays. The actual temperatures produced depend on the thermal and gas loads imposed and the pump configuration that is paired up with a compressor.

The normal temperature range for the first stage is 60 to 80 degrees Kelvin and 10 to 20 degrees Kelvin for the second stage. The refrigerator consists of an actuator and a two-stage displacer operated by an electric stepper motor. 99.999% purity helium is the working gas in the system.

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