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Cryo pump tools are very important in keeping the equipment performing properly. Cryo pumps are a workhorse and hydrocarbon free but do require maintenance and proper handling.

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Decontamination Manifold

The decontamination manifold is used for decontaminating the system of gaseous contamination. A contaminated helium circuit will cause the Cryopump to operate in a noisy manner, typically referred to as ratcheting, which degrades Cryopump performance.

  Decontamination procedures in PDF. 

15K Charcoal array kit

Gases pumped by a cryopump are captured within the pump. Poor cryopump  performance may be due to saturation of the 15K cryo-adsorbing charcoal array. Occasionally the pumping surfaces will fill to capacity and require regeneration. Over time, the charcoal array will become contaminated and need to be replaced.

                 Cryopump instructions in PDF.    


LakeShore Cryotronics temperature monitor

The Model 818/819 is a microprocessor controlled instrument which provides direct digital display of temperature with up to 4 digits of resolution in K, °C or °F and sensor voltage to 1 mV.

Model 818 and 819 Cryopump Monitors and the Balzers TMU-121 Cryopump Monitor.

                            Model 818 / 819 Cryopump Monitor User’s Manual in PDF. 


CTI Temperature monitor


                         CTI Cryopump Monitor User’s Manual in PDF.  







Cryo wrenches are very important when installing or removing Aeroquip® fittings which are used on cryo lines, cryopumps and cryo compressors.