applied cryogenics supports a broad array of cti cryopump and cryo pump systems designed to deliver exceptional performance, reliability and productivity, a veteran owned company providing global support.



CTI-Cryogenics Cryo-Torr Cryopumps provide clean, reliable, high-speed pumping for critical vacuum process applications. For added flexibility, you can add your own customized controls and supporting peripherals to meet your specific application needs. Providing low operating costs and fast, easy maintenance, these cryopumps deliver high reliability and bottom-line performance.


Cryopump Operation

 A cryopump or a "cryogenic pump" is a vacuum pump that traps gases and vapours by condensing them on a cold surface, but are only effective on some gases. The effectiveness depends on the freezing and boiling points of the gas relative to the cryopump's temperature. They are sometime used to block particular contaminats, for example to trap diffusion pump backstreaming oil.

        cryopump compressor

     Cryo compressors

CTI helium compressors provide extensive helium operating pressure and flow range to a wide variety of cryopump and cryogenic cold head applications. Available in high or low voltage, water, or air cooled variants; the Cti helium compressor is the source of ultra-high purity helium gas in a closed cycle system. CTI Helium Compressors offer convenient maintenance, proven reliability, and optional remote control features.



Polycold® Cryocoolers provide compact, easy-to-use alternatives to liquid nitrogen in small vacuum systems. These cryogenerators use safe, non-flammable, non-toxic, HCFC-Free refrigerants in a closed-loop system. This means no moving of heavy dewars and no running out of liquid nitrogen with resultant downtime.


cryo manuals 

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Here you will find links to cryogenic manuals created by their respective owners. We have provided them here for an easy and quick reference. Any duplication of the manuals or any of its parts without expressed written permission from the OEM is strictly prohibited. All trademarks or registered trademarks are the property of their respective holders.



Service / Parts

Our Technical Field Engineers can perform a complete diagnostic on your system to determine the existing problem. We can also provide design concepts to help improve your productivity and uptime. Applied Cryogenics, Inc. an independent service provider whose quality standards meet or exceed the OEMs in the area of refurbishment.